Brand New Listing

The Inventory of Single Family homes in Breckenridge is climbing.  We’ve been in an unusual drought for homes like this over the last 6 months, but as the summer continues to heat up, sellers are interested in seeing what the market will do as they list homes in the county.

I was looking over the MLS data today, and found this spectacular home and thought it was worthy of a short description.


In the mountain home world, there are a few “incredible” homes out there boasting of the finishes, the amount os livable space, and the location to the ski resort.  This particular home has it all.


Just look at the views out there overlooking Baldy Mountain, just outside of Breckenridge.  This home is only a few short minutes from everything you would ever want to be involved in outdoors, and equal distance to the downtown main street.


The open floor plan gives you the feel of being “together” with your family or your company.  And don’t forget, the rental income from a home like this can almost get you to net – even on a purchase.

I spoke with two people yesterday who gave me some useful insight into how the real estate market is heating up here in Summit County.

1.)  The Managing Director at a big real estate firm told me, ‘If you have buyers looking for a home under a million dollars, tell them they’ve got to come with an offer in hand or it’s going off the market in 3 days.’

This tells me that the movement in the sub-million dollar homes is preparing us for a giant real estate buying frenzy.  With loan rates still at an all time low, and the prediction that rates will increase by the end of 2017, you’re buying power RIGHT NOW is bigger than it will be in 6 months.

2.)  A large Property Management Company Principal told me yesterday that the summer time here in Summit County is reaching an all time high in Occupancy.  Which means to you, people looking for high quality rentals will continue to rise as the demand pushes on the property availability.

In other words, if you’re looking for a ski home, there’s no better time than today to invest in a property you can enjoy and that will return a significant up side when you rent, or it’s time to sell in a few years.

If you’d like to see a home in Summit County, feel free to contact our office at for more information.  We’re here to serve you and ind the best deal, best location, and best property for your needs.

*Courtesy of Slifer Smith & Frampton R.E.

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