So It’s a Condo You’re Interested in

Some people aren’t looking for a stand alone single family residence, but rather; are interested in the amenities of a condominium complex.  Here in Summit County we have a lot of options for Condo buyers, and this one is brand new to the market.


The finishes of this particular complex are top notch.  Many of the condos built in Summit County were built in the 80’s and 90’s and require a lot of refurbishing work to get the property up to par.

This 3 bedroom 3 bathroom condo is right on the ski slope, and provides plenty of room for family and friends to visit.


Couple this condo unit with a management company and you’ll be sure to be putting your money to work both on the realization of upside sale, and the cash flow you can get while you’re not using the unit.

If you’d like to see the condo, or want to spend some time seeing other properties in the are, feel free to contact our team at

We’ll find the right place for you.

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