You asked for it

And we deliver.

We heard your comments on wanting property in Colorado at a price that would set you up for success, and here you have it.

This 5,453 square foot single family home has it all.  Views of the Mountains from the Living Room.


Open floor plan from the entry way to the kitchen to the dining room with this majestic rock fire place in the middle.


Natural lighting in almost every place with large windows to give you a true Colorado feel.


Four incredible bedrooms, each with spacious views of the Pine Trees, Aspen Groves, and the Ten Mile Range in picturesque landscape.


And these beautifully designed bathrooms that lift the term “luxury” into the Colorado experience.

As always, if you’re interested in this property, or you’re just out looking to see what’s on the market.  Contact us at, and we’ll make your buying experience one that you’ll never forget.  Our mission is to make sure we serve our clients with the best value on the market today.  The team of experienced negotiators will work with you to make sure your Colorado investment is the perfect match for you and your family.

*Courtesy of Slifer Smith & Frampton R.E.


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