Springtime Deals are Coming

It’s time.

The winter ski season is now over in Summit County Colorado, and the properties are coming online for buyers.  The economy is booming, housing is on the rise in Denver which translates into a buying spree in the mountains.

I’ve got a great retreat property ready for you here.  It’s called the Barney Ford Lodge.


Located on Boreas Pass in the heart of one of the biggest Aspen Groves of Breckenridge, the views from almost every room show the expansive ten mile range and the beauty of Colorado.


And if the views weren’t enough, this property is located approximately two minutes from the south side of Breckenridge with easy access to Hoosier Pass, Highway 285 from Fairplay to Denver, and a short one hour away from Buena Vista, Colorado.

This property has over 4200 square feet of living space.
Four Bedrooms.
Two Full Size Bathrooms
Two 3/4 Bathrooms.
And plenty of Colorado to show off to your friends.


If you’re interested in owning a piece of Colorado, this is a great space to invest in the future vacations to ski, summertime in the mountains, or rent to the hundreds of thousands of tourists who visit Breckenridge Annually.

Feel free to reach out to andy@thebranerteam.com, and our team will make your real estate buying experience feel more like a friendship.

*Courtesy of Keller Williams.  

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